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In Maui, chasing the Wi-Fi

Friday, December 31st, 2010
In Maui, chasing the Wi-Fi

When Michelle and I selected the place where we would stay in Maui, we had three criteria that mattered at the beginning: price, in-unit washer and dryer, and Internet connection.  After hours of searching, we chose to drop the Internet as a manadatory criteria and were able to settle on a place near Kamaole Beach II in Kihei.  I figured, based on my traveling experience elsewhere, that it would not be difficult to find a cafe or something with free Wi-Fi.  Boy was I wrong.  My first attempt was a Starbucks.  As a national chain with a reputation for consistency, I thought at least they would care about whether their Wi-Fi worked.  They warned me it could be a problem, but I purchased a frappichino and sat down to connect.  Unable to connect.  They expressed acknowledgement of the problem, but essentially intimated that it is what it is, and there was nothing to be done about it.  I tried another place that boasted Internet service, but the only indoor flat surface to put my laptop down on was the top of their toaster oven.  Enough to do a quick upload to Facebook, but not really comfortable for doing the work of posting. 

I finally found a place where I can make the necessary Internet connection and have a work station.  Located in a maze of strip malls near the Starbucks, “IZone” offers several in-house computer workstations, dark lighting, and cool air.  There is also a place where someone like me can sit down and work with his own laptop.  When you are a photographer, you really do need your own computer to make things work.  The downside is that it costs: $2 for the first ten minutes and then $0.15 for every minute thereafter.  The best way to keep it within the first ten minutes will be to come with the blog text already written, photos ready to go, so all that I will have to do is connect, upload, and be done with it.

But that is the Wi-Fi part of the story.  Michelle and I are in Maui for two weeks for our “honeymoon.”  We did not actually have one; we spent our money on buying a house and Michelle scheduled foot surgery so she could take advantage of my post-wedding bliss to act as her caregiver.  Good planning, as she is an awful patient, requiring lots of patience and post-wedding bliss for something as intensive as surgery and rehab.  And since our last time in Hawai’i three years ago, when I proposed to her, we have not had any actual vacations (time away from home lastint longer than four days) that did not involve family or friends, or both.  I, of course, will be doing what I can to photograph the beauty of the island and add to my stock library of Hawai’i photos. 

We got off to a good start this morning by heading south to La Perouse Bay, which is an isolated, rocky area that gets some good early surf.  The stark landscape is courtesy of Mt. Haleakala and its ancient dumping of volcanic rock downslope toward the ocean.  After photographing the sunrise, we spent some time watching pods of dolpins farther out in the bay, and, far on the horizon, blowholes of what were likely Humpback whales.