Upcoming residency

Upcoming residency

I was reviewing my blog and realized I had not mentioned I have been selected for a second Artist-in-Residence position this year with the National Park Service.  The next one will be in Rocky Mountain National Park, near Boulder, Colorado, for two weeks in July.  (It has been mentioned in the media, but not on this blog.)  I will be one of six residents in the park this year.   I will be living in a historic log cabin during the residency, exploring all aspects of the diverse ecological systems through day hikes.  I realized after my Badlands residency that I simply would not have enough time to combine backcountry trips and day hikes while in Rocky Mountain NP.  So, I will do many day hikes, getting away from the roads and out into the wild places of the park.  I will also be giving two presentations, sponsored by Lowe Pro, at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center.

While in the neighborhood, I will be taking a couple of days before the residency to explore Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve, some five hours to the south of Estes Park, which is on the east side of Rocky Mountain NP.  I have always wanted to explore that park, and this is the best opportunity I will have in the years to come.

As with my Badlands residency, I will be blogging daily during this trip.  So keep an eye out for future posts.

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  1. Deborah Trivitt Says:

    looking forward to seeing the photos of RMNP! Still go back to look at the Badlands photos from time to time. Thank you! -Deb

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