Exploring the coast

Exploring the coast

I have teamed up with the Great Land Trust to photograph properties that have been purchased and placed into conservation trust, or properties where the Trust is working on fundraising to purchase to place into a conservation trust. Simply put, the Trust works with private landowners who have property of some greater value to habitat, public use, or some other aspect that makes the property worth while in preserving for public use or conservation.  The Trust raises money to purchase the land, then either maintains ownership of the land and make it available for public or conservation benefit, or donates the land to the state or local government, with the caveat that the property is preserved in a conservation trust, often in the form of a conservation easement.  The Trust will also negotiate with private landowners to obtain a conservation easement over the owner’s land, allowing access to public lands that are otherwise not easily reachable.

I explored one such property on Sunday evening, along the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge.  It is a property that is currently in negotiation for purchase, so I will not disclose the location.  My hope is that the images below will help the Trust, as the purchase of this particular property would greatly enhance the recreational experience along the coast in Anchorage.  I have always wanted to explore the refuge, but public access to it is very limited due in no small part to the high bluff that borders most of the refuge area.  The purchase of this property would greatly improve access, allowing others to see what I was able to see in the short time I spent on the property.  From the beautiful sedges and flowers, such as buttercup, Chocolate lilly and wild pea, to the driftwood scattered about the tidal flats, the coastal refuge is both beautiful and expansive.  I wished I had another two hours or so to explore, as I could see open, beckoning space for miles down the coast.  I could hear Sandhill cranes chattering somewhere to the south along the coast, and a variety of other birds such as red neck grebes and Arctic terns.    I also spent a little time with a cow and her new spring calves as they grazed along the tidal stream that ran through the property.

Here are a few images from the evening.


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