Lily Lake morning

Lily Lake morning

I decided this morning to photograph the first light of the day at Lily Lake, which has a nice view of Long’s Peak, but a different view than what is available through most of the eastern side of the park.  It also gave me a chance to scout the area and drive up to the Long’s Peak trailhead, where I will hopefully be going next week for a hike up to Chasm Lake. 

As there has been in the mornings this week, there was a breeze in the area, creating ripples on the lake.  I tried to minimize the effect as much as possible by creating long exposures to smooth out the ripples,  like the technique used to create the silky look of waterfalls and streams.  It didn’t work as well as I liked, but it did help to smooth the rough waters a bit. 

I also took advantage of the shade to photograph the flowers and trees along the east side of the lake.  There was a nice patch of Indian Paintbrush that I photographed with a double exposure – one exposure in focus, the other out of focus.  There is also a young grove of aspen on this side of the lake, complimenting the more mature patch on the other side of the lake.  As first light hits that more mature patch, I felt this would be a great autumn location, with that patch of gold adding a real pop to the corner of the frame. 

One of the things about doing drivable first light locations is that it makes for a short morning.  This evening, I will be driving up the Old Fall River Road and taking some short hikes along the way.  Tomorrow morning, the plan is to hike to Odessa Lake for first light, starting at the Bear Lake trailhead. 




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