Best of 2008

As a photographer, I am always looking to other photographers for ideas on locations, technique, product, even subjects. It’s no secret, even the best look to other photographers for ideas. A few years ago I, and several other photographers, had the pleasure of spending time with Art Wolfe at Katmai National Park & Preserve. One evening, he said that one of the things he likes to do in his spare time, along with tending the Japanese garden at his home in Seattle, is to look at other photographers’ books. Anyway, I was checking out Ron Niebrugge’s blog today, and he had listed a Top 10 photos for 2008, based on a suggestion from another photographer. And so the ball goes around, and here I am posting my favorites for 2008. But, rather than a Top 10, I lacked the discipline to narrow to ten, so here are my Top 12. I found myself emphasizing landscapes a lot this year, particularly in some backcountry areas and through aerial photography. I did a lot of assignment work this year, from a gig with the Navy on the U.S.S. Peleliu to work for the Anthony Robbins Companies. I left those images out to focus mostly on my nature photography. Mostly.

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