First Friday Show

First Friday Show

“Alaska: A Land Shaped by Water”
Arctic Rose Alaskan Artisan Gallery
Fourth Avenue Market Place
333 W. Fourth Ave., Anchorage
Friday, February 6, 2009
5-8 p.m.

Alaska is known for many things, its majestic mountains, aurora displays, magnificent wildlife, Native culture, and frontier lifestyle. But flowing through, above and below all aspects of Alaska is the omnipresence of water. It is the most ubiquitous force, shaping the shores through the surf, the mountains through rivers and glaciers, and the flatlands through wetlands and muskeg. It affects lifestyles and industry, influencing our way of life throughout the seasons.

Water’s art is all around us. In the golden light reflecting off the ice during a winter sunset, in the ripples and waves in tidal silt and river sand bars, in the crystals that form during frost or snow, water is the ultimate abstract artist. It turns rock, sand, dirt, mountain and all matters of earth into unique, beautiful and ever-changing compositions.

I came to realize this as I examined a sampling of my photos, looking for a common theme in my choices of subject matter. Without fail, I found elements of water in the vast majority of my photos. Rivers, streams, glaciers, ice, surf, inlets, lakes and ponds – they all crept in, making water a silent participant in my photos and in the land.

With this photo exhibition, I celebrate water in all the ways that it shapes this magnificent land. With over six million lakes and over 100,000 glaciers, we are blessed with an abundance of this life-giving, land changing force. Yes, water brings hardship and the pestilence of mosquitoes. But, as we celebrate our fifty years as a state, let us remember to celebrate this force that brings us beauty, awe and wonder.

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