Having a little fun

Having a little fun

There are many ways to capture a couple’s portrait on their wedding day. There are a variety of traditional poses and expectations for what the wedding portrait should be like. I make it a point to capture an image that is natural to the couple’s personality and style. A lot of times that means doing things a little differently, capturing a portrait that goes outside of the norm. For Elizabeth and Kyle, who were married at Chapel 2 on Elmendorf Air Force Base, we took a variety of portraits inside the church and outside. From what I saw with the formal portraits before the wedding, however, I knew we could have a little fun with their couple portrait after the ceremony. This was the first thing that came to mind. The gentleman acting as “referee” was the Air Force chaplain who performed the ceremony.

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  1. Jim & Sherry Says:

    This is great…we can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!! We wish you all the best on your upcoming marriage!!

    Jim & Sherry
    parents of the bride

  2. admin Says:

    Jim & Sherry,

    Thank you. Elizabeth and Kyle made it an absolute joy by being so fun, so relaxed, and so open to ideas — plus throwing in some good ideas themselves!

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