Sun and ski

Sun and ski

We finally had noticeable sunlight down here in the Anchorage bowl.  I don’t know how long it has been since the skies have been fully clear, perhaps three weeks or more.  When the sun does come, it is in fits and teases, barely sticking around to take notice.  But today we had a nice shaft of sunlight that stuck around for a couple of hours, finding just the right spot in the clouds to bath us in its golden goodness.

The timing was perfect, too, as Michelle and I were grabbing our skis and gear to head out on the trails somewhere to enjoy the day.  We decided on driving over to Goose Lake and connecting with the trails from there.  There are at least three different ways to go, with the main choices being south along the Chester Creek Trail system all the way to Westchester Lagoon and the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, or north to Russian Jack Springs Park or beyond.  We chose north.

It was such a nice switch from our foray into the Campbell Science Center trails of a couple of weeks ago, as these are not multi-use trails, but trails specifically groomed for classic and skate ski only.  Granted, some winter bicyclists use the trails, but they stay on the skate ski areas and don’t cause damage to the trails.  But skiing in groomed tracks in snow that was slick and smooth, but not icy, was absolutely perfect.

We skied up to Russian Jack park, then turned around, going on a different trail that looked like it would loop back to Goose Lake.  After a while, we realized it was a bit more hilly than we were interested in for the day, so we bushwhacked through the woods back to the main trail.  Even with classic Nordic skis, going through the woods and breaking your own trail in deep snow isn’t all that bad.  The skis do a fine job of distributing your weight so you don’t sink too much, and you are still able to somewhat glide through the snow.  When we reached the main trail, we had a nice break with a cup of hot Godiva chocolate.  Of course, I stopped to take some pictures, admiring a grove of short, dark spruce with the snow clinging on the north side of the trunks.  A skate skier came by, undoubtedly perturbed at me for setting up a tripod in his path.  I obliged him by including him in one of the photos.

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