Turnagain mornings

Turnagain mornings

On Tuesday morning, I had planned to go out to a spot on the Turnagain Arm and capture the sunrise.  My hope was that the morning colors would be brilliant, as the weather conditions seemed to be right.  I was correct that the pre-sunrise colors were simply amazing; blazing reds fading to pinks and eventually gold.  Unfortunately, the colors displayed a half an hour earlier than I thought they would.  As a result, I was only able to capture the golds by the time I got there.  I lingered for a while, capturing some early light on the Tordrillo Mountains, and made my way around the Hillside area looking for a good angle on Mount Foraker.

The next morning, I resolved to be at the Turnagain Arm much earlier to ensure I did not miss my window.  Unfortunately, the colors did not come this time.  But I noticed the swift outgoing tide, combined with the swift movement of clouds in almost the opposite direction, and decided to set up a time lapse.  Doing time lapse photography is quite a different switch from regular still photography.  You have to commit to the composition and leave it there, without making any changes, trying different crops or angles.  But you also have the pleasure of sitting back and just enjoying the scenery and the moment while the camera does its work.  I enjoyed a breakfast of toast and banana, as well as some hot coffee, while the morning happened, the camera worked, and I could just sit back and relax.

Since I knew I would be creating a short time lapse, I shot in RAW because I was not concerned about card space.  I also used the camera battery instead of any external power because, again, it would be a short shooting time, a total of about forty minutes as it turned out.  The sun never quite made its way out of the clouds by sunrise, so I switched off and headed home.

The next few days call for clear skies, so, with the full moon, I am going to try a nighttime time lapse, perhaps at Portage Lake or some other remote spot where I will not get any light pollution.  Come to think of it, Portage might not work, because Whittier is on the other side of the pass behind the lake and just might produce enough light.  We shall see.

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