Progress on the Project

Progress on the Project

It’s been a challenging first week for the 2010 Project.  After my first two days, I came down with my annual cold, seriously quelling my desire to do anything but lie down.  Add to that the continued cloudy, dreary, and sometimes too warm weather, and my shooting options were limited.  But, I was determined to go out and about, seeking new subjects to capture.

It is all too easy to live your life in whatever location you call home, speeding by from day to day doing those things that constitute life.  Driving to and from the office, to the grocery store, to go shopping, to go to the park to ski or play Frisbee golf … whatever it is you do, it is often doing things other than really taking time to pay attention to your surroundings.  Even as a photographer who often notices many things that are often ignored, I still find myself simply considering, “I’ll have to photograph that someday.”  This project allows me to take it to the next step and take the time to either explore and find new subjects or finally turn “someday” into “today.”

So this week I did a little of everything: returning to the familiar, finally capturing those things I had wanted to for sometime, or finding entirely new subjects to explore.  For the familiar, I spent a morning along Turnagain Arm, seeking to capture a nice, sweeping panoramic.  I also headed to Point Woronzof one evening where the colors of dusk were showing up nicely across the Cook Inlet over the Tordrillo Mountains.  I have also spent some time exploring trees against the sky.  I really enjoy photographing trees in the winter because they are bare, pared down to their basic graphic shapes.  They make for great silhouettes against the colors and patterns of the sky, or, with trees like birch or aspen, can be great for reflecting the colors of the sun.

For newly discovered subjects, I found a lighted tree, all in white lights, down at the end of Potter Marsh, marking the entrance to Potter Valley.  As I am generally not headed down to that part of town in the evenings, I had never noticed it before.  For subjects I had wanted to capture for some time, I photographed the JL Towers from two different vantage points over two evenings.  I have always found the simulated aurora borealis display on the top of the building to be gorgeous, and it is an attractive midtown building, just adjacent to another attractive office building, the ASRC building.

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