Crystal Gallery of Ice

Crystal Gallery of Ice

One of the joys if living in a cold climate is that you enjoy the benefit of ephemeral forms of art like ice sculptures.  In many ways, ice sculptures are the ultimate art form, along with sand art in the Japanese Rock Garden.  If you consider the creative process itself, the act of making art, to be the ultimate expression of the artist or the greatest satisfaction for the artist, then ice sculptures are the pinnacle.  With ice, the artist is creating something that he or she knows will only last a short period of time.  Even in Alaska, winters do not always stay cold enough to keep ice intact for long periods of time.  Without fail, there are always a few periods of warming in the winter in Anchorage, where the temperature jumps to the forties and rain falls on our icy roads.

In Anchorage, this annual display of short-lived public art takes form with the Crystal Gallery of Ice, sponsored by the Anchorage Downtown Partnership.  While it is not quite the Harbin Ice Festival of China, or even the  World Ice Art Championships of Fairbanks, it is a wonderful, creative, colorful addition to the heart of our downtown area.

While there usually is a theme to the Crystal Gallery of Ice, I could not discern what it was this year.  The sculptures ranged from a sculpture of The Grinch on a chimney with his sidekick dog dressed as a reindeer (my favorite) to a character from “Ice Age” to twin sets of dogs and horses, to a soldier that looked a lot like the Korean War memorial in Washington, D.C.   The sculpture to earn First Place for the competition was “Cornicopia of the Sea,” which greets the public at the southwestern entrance to Town Square Park.

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  1. Carl Foster Johnson Says:

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful !!
    Almost cold enough in Charlotte NC (I live near there) to do some of these.
    Spring is always on my mind however.

    Carl F Johnson

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