Anchorage urban landscape

Anchorage urban landscape

For the last week or so, one of the things I have focused on as I continue my 2010 Project is to capture different aspects of the Anchorage urban landscape.  Lacking the size or age of Chicago or New York City, Anchorage still has many wonderful architectural and graphic elements to explore, particularly in the winter.  The color and quality of the light that strikes the buildings in the mornings or evenings is different, the types of lighting used on some buildings is different.

Recognizing our long winters, the Municipality of Anchorage has long supported what it calls the “City of Lights” campaign.  (According to Wikipedia, the nickname for Anchorage is “City of Lights and Flowers.”)  Businesses, and homes, are encouraged to string lights on their property for more than just Christmas, but for the whole winter.  Most who observe the practice use white lights.  While at the UPS Store in midtown one evening, I happened upon a couple of trees that were strung with blue lights.  I knew I had my picture of the day, using the tree to frame the distant BP Building in the background.

There is also a building that had been catching my eye that I wanted to photograph downtown, on 8th Avenue between L and K Street.  The stairwell in the building is encased in windows, making it visible to the outside.  Each floor had a different color of light.  Upon closer examination, I learned that the owner uses a regular fluorescent light, then covers the light on each floor with what looks like colored tissue paper.  I spoke with one of the people who works in the building, and she indicated that it was something the owner does every winter.  I have lived here ten years and this was the first time I had noticed it.

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  1. Christopher M. Schutte Says:

    Great photos, as always Carl. Your choice of colors is wonderful. You’ve captured the alpenglow perfectly.

  2. Heather Says:

    Thanks for helping us see more of Anchorage.
    It’s amazing how many things we miss as we go about our day to day tasks…

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