Sunset magic

Sunset magic

To be successful in good landscape photography, a lot of pieces have to fall into place.  Having equipment you know and can rely in is important – it really does not matter if it is the newest, or if it is Canon or Nikon (although, I have been using Nikon for 16 years and am not changing).  A tripod and cable release are important, especially for landscapes because of the depth of field desired.  Weather and lighting are right up there, too, along with being at the right location.  But having them all fall into place, and being there at the right time, is what really makes for magical landscape photography.

So it was today when I decided to go on a little zero-degree Fahrenheit stroll  along the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge.  I knew because of the direction the sun has been setting lately that the Coastal Refuge would be a good location.  I first wanted to access the coast somewhere near the Bayshore subdivision in south Anchorage, but private property completely blocks access to the Refuge.  So, I entered near Potter Marsh, in hearing distance of the rifle range.  The near constant pop-pop-pop of weapons fire continuously interrupted what would have otherwise been a lovely afternoon.  I pulled out my iPod and put on some music to drown it out.

I headed out onto the ice, following an outlet from Potter Marsh.  I figured it would provide some nice foreground and hopefully some reflections of the evening sky as the sun got lower.  I never would have guessed how good those colors would get.  Once the sun dropped down below a band of clouds that were just above the horizon, the gold and eventually pink hues of the evening dominated the sky and kept me moving and firing the trigger.  Almost forty minutes after official sunset, I finally stopped taking pictures.  The fiery pinks were finally starting to fade.  I returned to my car and took one last look at the fading colors of the sky.  My toes were a bit cold, and I was a little thirsty, but those sensations were meaningless when compared to the images I had just captured over the previous two hours.

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  1. Greg Silvey Says:


    Spectacular shots! You really captured the scene and the colors amazingly well. Saturday was a beautiful sunset. You were wise to take advantage.


  2. Heather Says:

    What beautiful vision! Thanks for sharing, Carl.

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