Last morning on the pond

So, there I was, sitting at the Holiday Inn Express, mooching a free breakfast off of Roy and Mark, when in walked Art Wolfe.  He was starting a workshop on that day that would lead into the NANPA summit.  We chatted, I reminded him that I photographed with him in Katmai four years ago, and then we were all off, on the photographer caravan, to the refuge for a morning of shooting.  When I first stepped out in the morning, I was pleased to see stars in the skies.  The overcast had cleared.  There turned out to be some clouds on the horizon, but all they did was add some nice color and texture to the skies; they did not interfere with the light.

We parked at the main pond, and waited.  A little eariler than yesterday, the swarms of geese moved in, chatting in the cacophony of thousands of voices chatting over eachother.  I decided to try some different techiques this morning, working on using more slow shutter speeds to create more artistic images.  I spent a little time after sunrise over at the Flight Deck, watching and listening to the cranes.  I could easily have spent a couple of more mornings here, but it was time to move on to the next destination.  It’s always hard, leaving a place as productive as Bosque has been for me, but, White Sands awaits.  Of course, there would be time for one more circuit around the Marsh and Farm Loops.

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