Quick trip into White Sands

So, I made it to White Sands National Monument.  I had to find a hotel to stay in, then set up and download the photos from earlier in the day.  Those things took a while.  Even though I got a late start in White Sands, making it to the main gate only an hour before sunset, I found out quickly how easy and how hard it is to capture  photo in White Sands.  The easy part is the dunes come right to the main road, almost jumping out at you.  The hard part is the tracks from all the visitors, all over the place, making it challening to find an unblemished dune.  And the sand dunes go everywhere.  It’s not like most places you go to photograph where the photo spots are obvious.  The dunes just keep going, rolling over one another, meaning you have to walk over each dune and keep going over the next to find what else may lie out there.

Tomorrow morning, I will be at the gates when they first open at seven, with the sole mission to scout the dunes, explore and see what else lies among the dunes.  And fortunately, I will have much more time in the afternoon to find the photos that await me.

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