The challenge of White Sands

In Alaska, it is pretty easy to find the landscape.  From a photographic standpoint, the photographable scene is pretty obvious.  All the spaces are open, whether in a coastal area or a glacial valley.  In White Sands, it is rather challening to find the scenic shot.  The sand dunes essentiall serve as mini mountain ridges, and you have to climb them and get over the next wave of sand dunes in order to see what’s out there.  In addition, you just cannot count on early light for great photos.  The angle of the light is the key to a great landscape photo in White Sands.  The ripples in the sand almost run parallel to the angle of the sun, pretty much after about 8:00, making impossible to capture the shadows in the individual ripples.  I am thinking that the afternoon will have a better angle of sun for those photo ops.  And even the big landscape photos, with the shadows casting from the dunes themselves, are generally not present much after sunrise.  Fortunately, I have made arrangements to be let into the park an hour before sunrise tomorrow, so I will be in better position to capture as much as possible.

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