Windy evening

I got into the park this afternoon well before I knew I would want to shoot, as the sun was too high, and the light too harsh.  But I wanted to scout out some locations for this evening and for possible spots for tomorrow.  I was concerned, though, as I approached the entrance to the park on Highway 70 and saw a thick cloud of sand filling the air in the vicinity of the dunes.  The wind had picked up a bit by the time I left in the morning, and had really kicked into high gear in my absence.  The radio said that sustained winds were 25 mph with gusts exceeding 40 mph.  The sand storm was so thick, the San Andres Mountains to the west were almost completely obscured.  Not deterred, I headed out into the wind and sand toward an area I hoped would provide some good opportunities.  I stuck around and shot for a while even well after the sun had gone down, not attempting sillhouettes, but rather capturing the dunes and ripples in the light of dusk.

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