Last morning

After somewhat of a blitzkrieg trip it seems like, I have had my last morning shooting on the road trip leading up to the NANPA summit.  I am glad I arranged to have the gate opened an hour early at the park.  It allowed me to get into position and be selective in where I would be when the first golden light from the rising sun washed across the landscape.  There is a certain peace knowing that you are the only soul in a particular location, able to take your time and work in the still silence of the morning.  The only thing missing from the morning was having Michelle with me to enjoy it.  Sure, it’s great to be out there by yourself sometimes, but other times, I wish that she was here with me to share it.

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  1. RunninL8 Says:

    Your white sands pics are GORGEOUS! Perfect evening and morning lighting for such a unique place! My hubby pointed me in the direction of your blog-he’s Miles, your friendly neighborhood New York Life Financial Services guy!
    I’m enjoying your blog very much! Can never get enough great photos to admire. I like the way you present your photos in mosaics. I’m getting a little sick of how mine look on Blogger! Time to look into some alternatives, methinks!!!
    take care! I’ll be around!

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks so much for your feedback – White Sands was a great trip. Thank your husband for showing you my blog – spread the word! Yes, Word Press is a great venue for photo blogs. Lots of creative opportunity.

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