Taking a break

Taking a break

When I told people all this year that I was getting married, the one thing that people consistently asked was, “Who is taking the photos?” My response: “Not me.” While I had already planned to leave my camera home and not even take candid photos after the ceremony, my then-fiance, now-wife, Michelle often reminded me that a camera might meet a violent end if it came with me to the ceremony. So, I took a break from taking photos on September 20 so that I could get married to a wonderful woman who wandered into my gallery a little over two years ago. Although it was raining on the day of our ceremony, we took time off with our photographer, Amber, the Friday after our ceremony when the weather improved to take some photos. I imagine this will be the only time I post a photo in this blog that is not mine.

3 Responses to “Taking a break”

  1. Carin Says:

    Hi Carl:

    Wonderful wedding picture – even if you didn’t take it :).

    Congrats again – may you both be extremely happy.


  2. Tad Says:

    Delighted to see you and Michelle get married, Carl! May the Force be with you and Michelle, unless that’s un-American. Tad

  3. admin Says:

    Well, Tad, I would suspect that for many people what you just said is very un-American, especially if we take the Yoda view of the Force as a mystical field of energy from Episode V, not the Highlander-Twoing of the Force from Episode 1. No micro-organisms here. No, it would be very un-American, to Republicans, because Yoda’s view suggests that nature has intrinsic value, that it should be respected, and that just doesn’t go well with a rape-the-Earth-for-profit agenda that Republicans follow. Also, Yoda’s view suggested that we are all connected to nature in a mystical way, all one with nature, and that suggests Paganism, which is not Christian, and therefore, according to Republicans, un-American. Thanks for the sentiment, though.

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