Looking for winter Bristol Bay activities

Looking for winter Bristol Bay activities

Aside from the challenge of funding for doing fieldwork on my Bristol Bay project is simply making connections with the right people at the right time of year to capture the images I need for the project.  (For background on my Bristol Bay project, visit the project’s Facebook page.)  For example, I have a specific wish list of what I want to capture this winter.  But finding the people who know people who can help me accomplish this wish list, well, that’s another story. 

Part of the challenge is that this winter has been a bit short on snowfall for the Bristol Bay region.  A certain amount of snow is required in order to provide the ground cover necessary to get out to certain locations on a snowmachine, the most common mode of travel.  Another challenge is scheduling, finding people who are available when I have the time in my schedule to go out. 

But, in the hopes that someone out there knows someone, here are the photo needs I want to meet this winter (which pretty much means between now and March 15):

1.  Trapping – setting traps and checking trap lines;
2.  Caribou hunting;
3. Ptarmigan hunting;
4. Dog mushing; and
5. Lake Iliamna harbor seals.

For each activity, I want to be able to learn from the person about this part of the way of life in Bristol Bay.  As with all people I meet, I take audio or video recordings to document the activity and the interview, and use that content to include on the project website, which will be launching soon.  Any stills of the person and the activity will be potentially included in the book. 

I am willing to pay gasoline or other expenses for anyone who takes me out, and am happy to bring out any needed supplies (like fresh produce).  So, if you know someone who can help (or can help yourself), please give me a call at 748-7040.  I am available February 4-11 and then on March 8-17.  I may also be able to go out the last week of February.  Thanks a bunch!


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