Nature’s Best submissions

Nature's Best submissions

I’ve been submitting my photography to the Windland Smith Rice International Awards hosted by Nature’s Best Photography magazine for almost a decade.  I’ve had a mix of success, with several semi-final images and one photo selected as a category winner.  I have tried different ways of figuring out what images to submit, but I really have not settled on any particular method that is as successful as I would like.  So this year, I thought, “What have I got to lose?”  So, I selected 50 images to submit to my Facebook fans for a vote.  These are the 20 images that garnered the most votes, with the featured image at the top of this post gaining the most votes. There are some images that I wanted more than my fans, but, to stay true to the experiment, I am going with their will.

I also have mixed feelings about submitting some of these images as they are of iconic locations that have been done a few times.  Now, I like to think that what I have done with them – most notably the sunrise at Mesa Arch photos – have enough elements to make them stand out from other Mesa Arch photos.  But I am intrigued to see how the selection committee reacts; I often find that many of the images chosen for the exhibit are of iconic locations and that there could be more new locations selected.  So if one of the iconic locations is chosen, it will be a mixed bag: my suspicions about what they select will be proven, but I will also have been successful in having an image selected.

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