December 2013 Print of the Month

December 2013 Print of the Month

One of the challenges as a photographer, artist, and business owner has always been answering the following question: “Which images do I create as prints for sale?” Each part of these different identities always wants to get its own perspective represented in the choice.  The photographer wants to print the photos that were the most physically demanding, most technically challenging to capture. The artist wants to print the image that is the most emotionally evocative, most inspirational. And then of course, the business owner wants to print the one that will sell the most. Merging those sometimes competing interests into a smart choice has always been difficult.

And then came along social media.

Using Facebook to promote my photography often gives me a clear indication as to which images are going to have a broad appeal. Following the traffic generated by a particular image can make it much easier to decide which image will likely make a good selection for, say, my Print of the Month collection.  Take in point, this month’s choice, entitled, “They’re Here.” Captured during the November 8/9, 2013 aurora borealis display, it is a view of a winding green band of aurora through some leafless birch trees in Portage Valley of the Chugach National Forest in Alaska. It was the last shot I took of the evening, as I was heading back to my car to head toward home. I looked up, saw the orientation of the trees and the glowing aurora, and knew I had something good. It was challenging to frame the shot with the camera pointed straight upward, but the settings were already good from exposures made earlier in the evening.

But seeing the reaction to the image on Facebook helped me to better understand better how much appeal it had to a broad audience. It received a moderate reaction on my own Facebook page – 36 shares, 124 likes and 24 comments.  But then it was shared to two other Facebook pages with very broad audiences: Milky Way Scientists and Aurora Borealis. Between those two, it garnered an additional 1,801 shares, 6,744 likes and 75 comments.

So, photographer, artist and business man can all agree – with resounding support from social media -that “They’re Here” will make a fine addition to my Print of the Month collection. And another great thing about this shot … it can be either a vertical or a horizontal image, depending on your layout needs.  It can be purchased for 30% off through the end of December 2013 by entering the coupon code POTM1213 when finalizing your purchase here.

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