Christa and Jerry

Christa and Jerry

Opportunity is always around the corner if you are open to it. Nothing fits that concept better than photography. I had a contract back out and a couple getting married had their planned photographer back out and, the next thing you know, I am photographing the lovely wedding between Christa and Jerry at St. Innocent Russian Orthodox Cathedral in east Anchorage. It was my first Russian Orthodox wedding, so there were a lot of new things going on. It was also, of course, an entirely new venue for me, and without the advantage of a rehearsal to previsualize. After spending time taking some getting ready photos at the home of the bride’s mother, I arrived early at the church to check out the space. If this is any example, the Russian Orthodox Church truly knows how to make a church look like a church. Replete with icons, statues, and many other indicia of the culture, the interior of the church is simply gorgeous. I made sure to incorporate as much detail as possible into the portraits and ceremony photos. For the reception, I had the pleasure of exploring another beautiful venue, the Aleutian-Pribilof Islands Association building on International Airport Road. Fully decked-out for the holidays, the APIA building was a photographer’s dream, both on the inside and the out. Add to that a couple and guests who were very accommodating for photos, and I was happy to have lost out on another opportunity so I could have this one.

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  1. Stephanie McGee Says:

    Wish we could have been there. It looked beautiful!

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