They’re back

They're back

We were once again visited by the cow and calf we have seen in our neighborhood, and on our property, several times during this autumn. I figure they probably bed down in the muskeg to the south of Jewel Lake, just a block or so away. This time, they came along to munch on the Halloween pumpkins we had left out, specifically for moose to feed on. The calf was almost brushing up against the picture window for our dining room as it snacked away on the Jack-o-lantern on the porch, while mom worked on the one near the side door. As a consequence, I was a little late leaving the house to go photograph the state volleyball championships. Fortunately, the first games were consolation games for fourth place. Anyway, mom apparently had difficulties with the pumpkin on the side, so she came up to fight with her offspring over the porch pumpkin. Things got a little off track, though, when another cow came walking down the street and the calf became confused and started following it away. Mom belatedly noticed what was happening and trotted away to catch up with her wayward child.

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